Haensel AMS at the Machine Learning Week 2021

The Machine Learning Week 2021 from Predictive World Analytics is pretty close. And this time, it’s a virtual livestream.


The week of June 14th to 18th this platform for the European data science community will host hundreds of data scientists, analytics managers and AI visionaries from different sectors to share their success stories and insights with their industry peers. The conferences will have a totally new format, interactive and holistic, allowing not only the experts to present their insights, but intensive discussion panels and Q&A with the participants.


On Thursday, June 17th, Alwin Haensel (CEO & Founder) and Paul Kleinschmidt (Data Scientist) will be delivering a very interesting and relevant topic: Data-driven Personas – Understand Your Customers’ Behavior inside the PAW Business Expert Round on AI for Marketing & E-Commerce.


The conferences will be accessible for all attendees, so you shouldn’t miss it!


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