Farming Fox app goes live

From Haensel AMS we are proud to announce the launch of Farming Fox.


Farming Fox is a cloud storage service app in the Agrirouter network (, a networking platform that links agricultural entities together (machines and precision farming applications).


Agrirouter enables precision farming for a wide range of machines and advanced applications, which are, for example, using satellite data to optimize the machine route and seed the density in the seeding process.

Farming Fox App Graphic Farming Haensel AMS

Farming Fox is acting as a cloud storage platform, where farmers can store all information flow between applications and machines.


Farming Fox in the future will also offer data analysis to evaluate the collected data, align it with weather data, put per field crop variants, processes, treatments in a time series, learn effects on harvest results on the individual field parts and much more.

You can try the Farming Fox app here:

And remember to stay tuned for further updates, this is just the beginning!


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