Spryker and Haensel AMS Announce Technology Partnership

We are now the Industry Partner of the technology company Spryker. This enables us to jointly implement innovative and efficient solutions for numerous trading platforms in the areas of performance boosting and attribution solutions.


“Customer behavior is becoming increasingly complex. In order to provide companies with professional support in the targeted evaluation of customer data, we rely on innovative and first-class technology companies when selecting Industry Partners. With these partners, we can ensure that the customer is reached via all current and future digital touchpoints. We are delighted that Haensel AMS has decided to join the Spryker Network as an Industry Partner,” said Alexander Graf, Co CEO of Spryker Systems GmbH.


API First brings flexibility to companies


Increasingly complex market requirements mean that companies are looking for a step towards individualisation. With the Spryker Commerce OS, the source code access is in the hands of the companies and thus also the freedom to make changes independently and to advance further development. The cooperation between Spryker and HAMS will also focus on target-oriented API First strategies that give users a competitive edge. With the help of an API-first strategy, different applications and touchpoints can be developed efficiently at the same time. This enables new integrations to be tested and redesigned as customer needs change. In addition, customer-oriented interfaces such as voice commerce, chatbot or mobile shops can be integrated.


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