HAMS Sponsors Dynamic Pricing Competition 2020

Haensel AMS is partnering with the VU University Amsterdam and GoDataDriven to present the Dynamic Pricing Competition, the ultimate challenge of reinforcement learning algorithms. Their goal at the DPC is to bring together people of various backgrounds, from both academia and industry, and set the stage for a lively competition this June in different market settings.


“You don’t need to be a fancy programmer to participate, it’s more about concepts,” explains event co-organizer Paul Kleinschmidt, a data scientist here at HAMS. “The submission will only require a Python script with one function, which takes a historical price and sales data as input, and then returns a price to be used in the next iteration.”


The three categories for participation are 1) an airline scenario, 2) retail, and 3) e-commerce. Participants will have the chance to gain valuable insight on their algorithm’s performance, win one of three not-too-shabby cash awards, and have the satisfaction of perhaps coming away with the knowledge that, yep—their algorithm is indeed rocket science!


For requirements, dates, and a complete list of details for entering, check out their site at: dynamic-pricing-competition.com.

Questions? Shoot them an email at info@dynamic-pricing-competition.com


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